Strain Spotlight

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The first strain we will be focusing on in our new series The Strain Spotlight is Sativa-dominant hybrid Matanuska Thunder F*ck, or M.T.F., brought to us by Sira Naturals. M.T.F. is a famous Sativa strain, that comes from Alaska. Developed from an array of strains grown in the Matanuska Valley grasslands, the flowers have a frost of white hair that is reminiscent of the harsh climate the plant comes from. M.T.F. is typically grown most successfully indoors, although outdoor cultivation is possible. M.T.F. typically comes in smaller, dense, trichome covered nugs. The flower has a delicious fruity and chocolate aroma. As of October 21, 2020 we have Matanuska Thunder F*ck available in 3.5 gram quantities testing at 23.7% TAC.

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