Skywalker is a hybrid of Mazar and Blueberry strains, the Skywalker strain is a clean 50/50 split of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa.


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Buy Skywalker Online. A hybrid of Mazar and Blueberry strains, the Skywalker strain is a clean 50/50 split of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. It has a THC level of around 15% and contains almost no CBD. Though this sweet strain (cultivar) is perfectly balanced, it is considered indica-dominant because of its powerful mellowing effect. This makes Skywalker great for managing chronic pain and insomnia.Skywalker was created in Amsterdam by the seed company Dutch Passion.  The blend of the two indica-dominant hybrid parent strains resulted in the fruity-yet-spicy Skywalker strain. It has a strong blueberry and fruity aroma and flavor with fruity notes and hints of spice and sage.

There is a collection of marijuana strains with a Star Wars namesake, but Skywalker is not named after the heroic Luke Skywalker for the reasons you would think. The urban legend goes that one of the lead cultivators involved in creating the strain was named Luke, and it stuck from there.

The Skywalker strain is the predecessor to the well-known Skywalker Kush/Skywalker OG Kush/Skywalker OG strain. The two often get confused, but Skywalker OG is a potent indica strain — containing 85% indica and 26% THC — which blends the relaxing effects of Skywalker with the high THC content of OG Kush.

The Skywalker strain has relaxing effects like all other indica strains and moderate THC levels, making it a good strain for beginners. Due to its mellowing effects, it is suitable for when you need some relaxation or stress relief and can be used for aiding sleep.

What is Skywalker strain good for?

This strain also has some sativa-style uplifting effects, making you feel happy and light-hearted. Lastly, Skywalker’s “munchies” effect makes it a good strain for increasing appetite in people managing appetite loss.

How does Skywalker strain makes you feel?

Because Skywalker is indica-dominant, it will make you feel relaxed and sleepy. But it also contains a sativa level of 50%, so along with relaxation, people often report that this strain is uplifting and will make you feel happy and giggly.
This strain, like many others, can make you hungry. Some people see this hunger as a side effect, while others seek this effect out to help increase their appetite. Lastly, as with most cannabis strains, Skywalker can potentially make you feel dizzy or paranoid and can make your eyes and mouth feel dry.

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