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Muha Med Disposible Announcement

No Brakes Exotics Dispensary is excited to announce the arrival of Muha Med Disposible, a Heat-Not-Burn technology platform that uses pre-filled Flowersticks to revolutionize the consumption of whole flower cannabis. We will be carrying the Muha Med Disposible Series 1, as well as Flower Sticks in a variety of strains produced by Revolutionary Clinics. Our first launch will have flower sticks in four strains, Mr. Clean, Citrique, Bruce Banner and Meltdown. The Muha Med Disposible Series 1 will retail at $59.99 and a twelve pack of flower sticks with a total of 1.75 grams of flower will retail at $35.00.

The Muha Med Disposible Series 1 device is an incredibly user-friendly, dry flower vaporizer. First, you place the Flower Stick of your choosing into your Muha Med Disposibledevice. Next, simply hold the power button until you feel a vibration. This notifies you that the device has begun warming up. When Muha Med Disposible has reached proper temperature, the three LED lights on the device will light up and the device will vibrate again. Your 3.5 minute session has now started. Simply inhale through the stick to extract the active ingredients of your flower stick. At the end of your session the stick will once again vibrate, notifying you that your session has ended.

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